Home of the Brave

Hey Piper’s prayer Warriors! We need you. I have to keep this short and sweet because Piper isn’t feeling too hot right now. This last round threw her for a loop and she isn’t recovering as quickly as she has before. Her counts have been low the last five days and she has now developed a string of intense stomach cramps. The doctors can’t really explain why this is happening to her right now, their best suggestion is that it’s some sort of delayed mucousitis. She can have pain medicine, which has proved to make her a little delirious…NOT in a good way, so we are trying the basic Tylenol right now. Either way, I think we are in for a long night! Prayers for counts to come up and healing to take place would be much much appreciated for our little fighter.

She attempted an MRI today without sedation (not easy to do) and it didn’t go as planned. They did not want her to be sedated two days in a row with the PET/CT tomorrow so we attempted the MRI today. It was super intimidating and too much for her with having to wear the helmet over her head and face. She layed there and cried but was SO BRAVE and did it because we asked her to – but her crying did not allow the pictures to come out clearly so after 5 minutes we pulled her out. We didn’t tell her it didn’t work, just praised her for doing it and telling her how BRAVE she was and it was all done! We will have to reschedule the MRI with sedation later this week. The MRI is to take photos of the progress of the tumors in her head & throat as well as check on the blood clot in her neck.

Tomorrow will prove to be yet another difficult and exhausting day as an ambulance will be picking us up at 6:30am to transport Piper to Methodist Hospital for her PET/CT. She has never ridden in an ambulance before, and neither have I so I am trying to get her geared up for it. Our sweet sweet nurse Shannon will be joining us (if you’re reading his Shannon, thank you for coming in early!! We love you!) and she has never been in an ambulance before either! So all three of us will be taking it all in before many of you may even be up for the day. Her PET/CT will need her to be sedated and will take about an hour and a half or so. This will scan the progress of the tumors in her chest, lungs, abdomen and kidneys. The doctors have told us they DO NOT anticipate seeing anything at all. We are praying and hopeful this will be true for our Piper. Once we find out the results we will let you all know. If they like what they see, Piper will have to complete two more maintenance rounds of chemo which will still require us to be admitted, but they will have less chemo infused over a long period of time. If anything “lights up” on the scans, theybwill have to biopsy the tissue to determine if it’s still cancer. On the worst case scenario that it is, she will have two more intense rounds, followed by two maintenance rounds. Please pray for comfort for Piper and Matt and I as we have a stressful next couple days.

Thank you thank you for all of your comments, messages, voicemails, and texts to wish us Merry Christmas, pray for us or check on progress. I know I am terrible at getting back but please know I have seen everything and I will return messages as soon as I can! We either have a very busy and lively girl who doesn’t want to stop playing games and doing crafts…or a super sick and needy precious thing who needs cuddles, puke buckets and tissues for tears and snotty noses. There is no in between. So please know we love you all and we see everything, even if we say nothing. Update on scans as soon as we can! Please pray over our hospital room tonight as Piper and I try to get some rest! Xoxo

p.s. How’s that for short and sweet? I’ll give myself an “A” for effort!